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Welcome to All

I should introduce myself. I am Lily, known as Akio-Sama in the cosplay circles.

This waystation is based on the West Coast of Australia.

Art, stories, photos, and news on what is happening in your QO and Real lives are welcome. Feel free to email me.

We will have Valdemar Cosplay Section Up shortly, in the mean time... picts can be viewed at Valdemar Estate Waystation

Equestrian News

March 2007

Stardale Khonstellation

All Arabian Show

Reserve Champion Colt
1st: Yearling Colt Futurity (money class)
1st: WAAHA Challenge Males
2nd: WA Bred Colt 3 years and under
2nd: Purebred Colt 3 years and under
3rd: Progeny Group of 2 (competed with his sister Stardale Revelations)
3rd: Classic Head
3rd: Classic Trot
4th: Amateur Owner Purebred 3 years and under


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People News

Next Cosplay Event: 17th Jun 2007
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The forum is back up and running, please re-register.

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